Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Rebirth update brings all new Puzzle Mode!

It is a day of joy and celebration. At least for the people playing rebirth. :) Todays update brings you a completely new game mode that differs tremendously from the existing challenge and time attack game modes.

The all new puzzle mode does not only challenge your playing speed but your ability to combine blocks into a given shape. You have to recreate the outline of a given puzzle to unlock the next level and advance in the open feint high score. Check out the image below to see some of the puzzles you have to solve:

We hope you enjoy the puzzle mode as much as we do and are looking forward to your feedback. :)

In addition to the puzzle mode we introduced several other changes. The full list of changes reads like this:
  • Created the all new puzzle mode! Rebuild the shape of the puzzle to unlock the next level.
  • Added ability to hide the game mode info dialogs
  • Improved controls for devices with physical buttons (incl. gampepad like controls)
  • Updated OpenFeint
  • Made improvements to the sounds and graphics 
  • Fixed several bugs which most people probably never have heart of ;)
Check out the screenshots below to see the puzzle mode and all the other changes in action:

Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

First Rebirth Review

We've been on the market for only one week and just got the first review of Rebirth! The people from gave us an excellent one. So if you want to know what these guys think about Rebirth take a look!

Also check out the nice video review sofa with Lara. You can find it in the youtube video below. Don't miss it!

The full review can be found here:

Thank you guys from!

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

First major update for Rebirth!

Wow. Rebirth is one week old and we would like to thank all the people who have downloaded the game. The feedback was very valuable and we actually released a quick update only two days after launch. The user ratings are currently hovering around 4 stars with many 5 star ratings. So far we got 0 crash reports and the download numbers are developing quite nicely. :)

We are working hard to increase the user base and now declare the first major update. One of the most commonly requested features was the inclusion of background music. Therefore we included the awesome song "displaced emotions" from Toshi that you might know from our trailer video. You can simply toggle the music on and off in the settings.

The latest and greatest release of Rebirth waits for you in the android market!

The full list of changes and fixes reads like this:

  • Added some nice background music. An option in the settings allows you to disable the music
  • A failed attempt to drop a block does not accidentally rotate the block anymore
  • Added a "What's new" dialog to inform about new features in an update
  • The spawn ratio of the chain special block has been reduced

Wrapping it up we feel pretty confident about the quality and robustness of the game. Our next stop is a big feature update that will add a tone of content. So stay tuned. :)

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Rebirth released to the android market!

The moment has arrived! You have read the sneak peak. You have seen the screenshots. And now we have finally launched Rebirth to the android market. :) After several month of hard labor and multiple beta tests you can now enjoy Rebirth in all its glory on your device. Grab it from the android market while it is hot! :)

Rebirth is a unique puzzler in the tradition of other falling block games but comes with a special twist. A block comes in two colors and it is your job to create quads (2x2 blocks) of the same color to delete the blocks. Rebirth features multiple special blocks and different game modes so a lot of fun is guaranteed. Never the less a video says more than a 1000 words. So here comes the official trailer for Rebirth:

We also added OpenFeint support to bring you high scores and social aspects. The game is based on libgdx, an awesome cross-platform game development library written in java. This allowed us to support many different form factors from tablets to small phones. We are very happy with the current state of the game but are already busily working on new and exciting features.

For now we would love to get some feedback from you. Do you like the game? Does the visual style work for you? Are the controls satisfactory? Any feedback and a vote in the android market is welcome. :)

Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

First screenshots of the upcoming game Rebirth

While we are currently working our way through the feedback of our beta phase, we would also like to share something with the rest of the world. :) We are proud to showcase the very first public screenshots of Rebirth!

You can feast your eyes on the full game and the main menu which currently features two game modes: Challenge and Time Attack. A third game mode is in the making and will be published soon after launch.

We are also working on game play video so stay tuned for more footage and of course the full game which will hopefully be released in a few days.

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

Redefining the falling block

The game development circus continues to spin and is just about to crank out a brand new game entitled Rebirth. It is based on the basic idea of the falling block but gives the concept a brand new experience. Here is some artwork to wet your appetite.

We will bring you more information in the coming days. Stay tuned! :)

Montag, 25. April 2011

Double Strike: Updates for Terminal5 and Doublemill

Another round of updates for Terminal5 and Doublemill have just been shipped to the android market. We mostly worked on some bugs but also made some substantial changes to Terminal5. The full details read as follows:

We changed the business model of the game to bring you more joy. We basically updated the lite version to contain all levels and to provide the same full game experience as the paid version. To make that possible we added unobtrusive ads which you will see occasionally. If you don't like the ads you can still buy the paid version which is now dubbed "Terminal5 Pro" and brings you all the goodness without any ads.

We hope these changes will let you have more fun with the game while still supporting the developers (that is us :) ).

Doublemill had some bugs squashed and its AI improved. When playing against the computer, the AI will be quicker to win the game when winning is inevitable.