Montag, 25. April 2011

Double Strike: Updates for Terminal5 and Doublemill

Another round of updates for Terminal5 and Doublemill have just been shipped to the android market. We mostly worked on some bugs but also made some substantial changes to Terminal5. The full details read as follows:

We changed the business model of the game to bring you more joy. We basically updated the lite version to contain all levels and to provide the same full game experience as the paid version. To make that possible we added unobtrusive ads which you will see occasionally. If you don't like the ads you can still buy the paid version which is now dubbed "Terminal5 Pro" and brings you all the goodness without any ads.

We hope these changes will let you have more fun with the game while still supporting the developers (that is us :) ).

Doublemill had some bugs squashed and its AI improved. When playing against the computer, the AI will be quicker to win the game when winning is inevitable.