Freitag, 24. September 2010

Terminal5 updated to 1.0.1

Here it is people. The very first update to Terminal5. First of: Thanks to all the people who have downloaded the game so far. We are completely psyched about your feedback! :)

None the less, every new software has its launch quirks and Terminal5 is no different here. So here is a list of changes we have made for this minor update:

  • Fixed crash when hitting the level activity while just starting to load
  • Fixed a flickering texture bug on the Motorola Milestone
  • Changed the about dialogs links and email address
  • Some text elements turned black on touch. They now stay white.
  • The lite version can now be installed on the sd card
  • Older android devices (G1, HTC Magic etc.) should now be able to find the app on the market
So these are the first fixes made and we are eagerly working on new content and ideas. Stay tuned for the next update.

In the meantime you can also follow us on the regular sources:

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