Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Terminal5 update brings more levels

And there we have it. From the dephts of the holiday break comes the latest update to Terminal5. This time around with more levels in the level labs, more languages and a more polished finish than ever before.

Most notable are the new levels with the holes and boxes you can move around. But be careful... the boxes are also moved by the conveyor belts.

We hope you find these new elements amusing and would love to get your feedback on these new challenges. Here is a little video showcasing the new levels.

The full list of changes reads like this:
  • New board elements hole and movable box
  • Full italian translation (thanks to Gabriele from
  • Added ability to install the full version of the game to sd card
  • Updated to OpenFeint 1.6 bringing you facebook friend search and more
  • Added a game speed of "Very fast"
  • Added ability to change the games peed from within the level via the context menu
  • Increased the time frame to get a gold medal
  • Fixed a bug preventing you to get a medal on previously played levels
  • Several other visual enhancements and bugfixes

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