Samstag, 27. November 2010

Terminal5 gets the all new Level Labs

While working hard to bring you the next major update to Terminal5, we want to share with you some more cool features we are working on at the moment. Besides the support of OpenFeint, we are working on a new feature called "Level Labs". We have so many ideas for new board elements, that we have a created a special area in Terminal5 where we give you the chance to try them out.

In the Level Labs we will add a couple of new levels every 1-2 weeks where we experiment with new board elements. After you have played the levels, we would love to get your feedback through a newly created ingame rating and commenting system. When a board element is considered worthy we will create a whole new chapter of campaigns containing new board elements from the Level Labs and the current campaign.

Check out the following screenshot to see the Level Labs in action and also to get a glimpse of our all new menu theme

The new update is only a few days away so stay tuned. :)

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