Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Terminal5 introduces OpenFeint support, Level Labs and more

It is finally here! :) The latest update of Terminal5 brings you all the good things we have talked about in recent posts. Most notably we have added the ability to earn achievements and to record your score. Not only do we keep track of your progress when playing locally, terminal5 is now fully integrated into the social gaming platform OpenFeint. This allows you to share your achievements and progress online with your friends and foes.
The second major addition is a new feature we call the Level Labs. Our heads are full of cool new ideas to enrich the board with new gameplay elements and we want you to help us shape the future of the game. For that purpose we have created the Level Labs, showcasing new board elements for you to try out and rate with a simple feedback system. We will change the levels in the Level Labs periodically so that you have new levels to play all the time. Once we have tested enough board elements we will create a whole new set of campaigns based on your feedback.

But there is more to this update... The first thing you will see is a completely redesigned menu ui. The blue theme ties the whole gaming experience together making the gaming experience more cohesive. The screenshots at the end of this post show you what i am talking about. :)

But to stay in the tradition of previous update posts, here is a full list of changes brought to you in Terminal5 version 1.1:
  • Added achievements and scores to track your progress
  • Full support for OpenFeint with online achievement and leaderboards
  • More levels in the Level Labs and new feedback system
  • Introduced the new board element "trap"
  • Redesigned and polished user interface in the menus
  • The levels now reflect the color of their parent campaign in the background
  • Greatly improved responsiveness of touch events when selecting commands and other UI elements
  • The reset button in a level now only removes the last command inserted and not all of them
  • Added ability to restart a running level from the context menu or when dying during the game
  • Fixed several bugs you would never have heard of ;)
We hope you will enjoy the new features we have introduced and are looking forward to your feedback.

You can get the full and lite version of the game in the android market:
Scan or tab the barcode above to get the full version of Terminal5 from the android market

Scan or tab the barcode above to get the lite version of Terminal5 from the android market.

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